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"iWA"original brand launched by a 70-year-old cycle parts manufacturer.

Maruhachi Industry Co.,Ltd. (a manufacturer of bicycle parts founded in 1951 ) launched " iWA" and original brand of bicycle accessories in 2014.
With our experience and skills , we are committed to creating product with both superior performance and excellent design.

"iWA" embodies our hope that this Japanese brand can evolve into an "international" and " intelligent" brand.

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About iWA

5 commitment to our iWA products

  1. Commitment to manufacturing for 70 years since establishment company
    Many years of dealings with the largest bicycle companies "Bridistone Cycle" with reliable technology, skills and experiences.
  2. Commitment to design & function
    Designed by product designer for bike and interior.
    Easy to put,save space, adjustable for various bike, protect from tire trace to wall and floor, protect from scratch to bike and wall and floor.
  3. Commitment to material
    Obtain material inspection certification and select the best material.
  4. Commitment to packing
    Protect against scratches in transit : Minimal Clearance, Fixed with tapes, Fill a gap with paper, Use cushioning material.
  5. Commitment to quality recognized by professional
    Achievements provided bike stand to professional bike teams.

iWA effort

Providing bike stand racks to professional bike teams

iWA provide bike stand racks to "NASU BLASEN", a professional bike team based in Nasu Shiobara city, Tochigi Prefecture. Their bike rental store at Nasu Shiobara Station uses yellow Bike stand rack "A01V", which is the team color.

Exhibiting at domestic and overseas bike show.

We have a booth at bike events mainly in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya regions, and also have a booth at TAIPEI CYCLE in Taiwan.
By exhibiting at exhibitions, we are not only let visitors to see and experience our products directly, but also use it for the development of new products by listening directly to the opinions of users.

Contriburion to local communities

Iwakura City, where our office is located is the smallest city in Aichi Prefecture.
The necessities of life are gathered in the neighborhood, within bicycle range, and is compact town with many city events.
From the desire to contribute to the local community to Iwakura City, we participate in the national tax project that is returened the community.

Crowdfunding (social funding)

We pre-sell our products at Crowdfunding [Makuake].
Rather than just exhibiting at the exhibition, we are creating a better page through trial and error in cooperation with internal theams and external partners to find out how to let people know about our products and get them interested.

Collaboration with Karimoku Furniture (one of the leading luxury furniture makers)

The wood prts of "iWA1-wood" was jointly developed with Karimoku Furniture.
Karimoku Furniture is a well-established and well-known furniture maker headquartered in Aichi Prefecture, the same prefecture as our company.
We offered the wood part to Karimoku Furniture, a professional wood processing company, because we thought they could fulfill the "made in Japan" and "high quality, high durability manufacturing" that iWA has valued so much.
With the advanced processing technology of Karimoku Furniture and high-grade natural wood, "iWA1-wood" was realized.

"TREK" Premium Dealer stores

In order to provide a quality brand experience, iWA products are displayed and sold all TREK directly-managed store in Japan as iWA's premium dealer stores.


Are you on Instagram?

Yes, our account is or @iwa.maruhachi_jp.

Do you have English website?

Yes, our English website is

Do you ship to my country?

We can introduce our a local distributor if you would like to ship to the Middle East or Taiwan, Thailand. For other areas, we will ship directly to you.

If the A01V Special is sturdy enough for my bike Pinarello Prince size 56.

Yes, A01V Special is suitable for Pinarello Prince size 56.

Would it be possible to have custom colors?

We will customize color MOQ 100.


Maruhachi Industry Co.,Ltd. ( a manufacturer of bicycle parts founded in 1951) launched
"iWA" an original brand of bicycle accessories, such as bike storage rack in 2014.
With our experience and skills, we are committed to creating products with both superior performance and excellent design.
"iWA" embodies our hope that this Japanese brand can evolve into an "international" and "intelligent" brand.

Company Name
Maruhachi Industry Co.,Ltd
Akihito Kawamura
Founded in
in 1951 founded as bicycle parts manufacture
in 1953 started business with [BRIDGESTONE]
in 1983 producing process of our carrier obtain a patent
in 2000 outsource producing to China
in 2006 Kicking Stand was recorded in the Utility Model Register
in 2014 lunched a bike accessory brand [iWA]